DNS and Exchange

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When installing SBS it is inportant to name the domain the same as the email domain name but with the .local correct? Or can I name the domain a shorter name if it is too long. vs
can I have:
Domain name: onelong.local
and still use for the email in exchange?

I understand that I will have to give the email hosting company or the ISP my static IP for a MX record correct?

and if I don't have a static IP I can setup a free Dyn DNS service and then give them that domain name for email settings. is that correct?

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SBS Connect to the Internet Wizard

by CG IT In reply to DNS and Exchange

to send and receive email via the internet you'll need a FQDN from a Domain Registrar [public domain name with a .com/org/net etc extension.

Once you have that you run the Connect to the Internet Wizard from the Things to do List. The wizard will setup SBS for you. All you do is fill in the blanks from the prompts. The wizard will setup the local LAN with the .local or whatever you want to name the local LAN but NOT with a public extension. Further on in the wizard it will ask for the public domain name to use.

for internet users to find your network, you need one of 2 things, a DNS service which will resolve public queries about your domain name to your public address or you can use SBS to do that but you have to publish your DNS server [risky business].

Free DNS services typically have FAQ which will answer what DNS service is, what it does for you, and how to get it to work.

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