DNS and Share redirection

By jbm ·
Can this be done? I moved a folder from server A to server B and created a share for this folder on server B (example \\B\test)...
Question? we have many apps that have coded \\A\test - can we redirect in DNS some way so that \\A\test will link to the share on \\B\test? (i.e. \\A\test is redirected to the \\B\test share in our apps)?

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DNS doesn't deal with folder shares

by CG IT In reply to DNS and Share redirection

sorry but DNS is name to address mapping and not shared resource mapping. DFS deals with shared folders.

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but .....

by lowlands In reply to DNS doesn't deal with fol ...

you could achieve it in DNS, sorry CG :)

But it will depend on your infrastructure.

If you're in a AD domain, and your client computers use DNS. Creating a DNS alias for A that points to the ip of B.
However this will only work if server A no longer exists! Don't create a DNS alias for the server if it is still online. In that case CG's option is a better way to go.

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Disable strict name checking if using an alias

by Aakash Shah In reply to but .....

If you decide to create an alias such that A refers to B in DNS, remember to disable strict name checking in Windows:

This is because, by default, you can only a share using \\real_name\share and not \\alias\share. Disabling strict name checking will allow you to use \\alias\share to access the share.

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