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DNS blight ?

By sabrefreak ·
Yesterday, at around 5, about half of my office got knocked off the internet and email. They can still see the intranet though.

I've been on the phone with Cisco (the router), our ISP, and today, replaced all the main hardware (exception: the ISP provided modem) and the problem persists.

On these downed machines, if I ping, for example, I get replies instantly, but it cannot reply a ping from or This is why I figured it was a DNS issue.

However, the ISP is playing dumb, plus the fact that only half the people got hit (and stayed down after replacemnet of hardware is kind of weird).

I'm running out of ideas. Any ideas out there? Much appreciated.

Using Cisco RV016 router, switches are D-Link DGN series 16 (2) port and 24 port(1). All computers are Win XP.

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A few thoughts...

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to DNS blight ?

1). Run ipconfig /flushdns on all the affected PCs

2). If you have a box that is running DNS (it doesn't seem like it, from what you said...but still), clear the cache

3). On an impacted machine, change the DNS settings (from allocated via DHCP to explicitly stated). Use the same one(s) you'd get from DHCP, as well one from a public DNS server ( is Google)

Hope this helps!

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by sabrefreak In reply to A few thoughts...

For some reason I never received this reply.
However the problem has been solved. Remarkably, after the ISP swapped out their modem it started to work again (despite their claims of being able to see my signal with no problem).

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