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    DNS Client Service


    by ap.shuaib ·

    Hi Folks.

    One of my Client is asking me to Stop the DNS Client service for doing Integration Of HP OVPM in a Member server.

    What will happen if i stop DNS Client service in that member server.

    Does it cause any name resolution issue?

    Please Guide…

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      by ap.shuaib ·

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      humm openview performance manager

      by cg it ·

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      shouldn’t show a big resource hit with DNS client services because it’s cache DNS entries stored on the member server. So, that’s a good thing because but turning it off will result in the member server having to send queries to upstream DNS servers rather than using cache. Then you’ll see a larger amount of traffic going to the DNS server. Openview will then report tha the DNS server is receive larger than baseline [if you’ve established one] performance hits due to the increased traffic on the network and increased traffic to the DNS server.

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