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    DNS Complications – New SBS 2003 Server


    by jgreer ·

    I currently have a new SBS 2003 Server installed on our network. We are using Covad Hosting services for email and then the SBS 2003 server downloads. (Temporary until all users have been migrated.) However, now I am starting to have an increase in our domain being blocked by other email providers and I think its due to our SBS 2003 server DNS information. Should I update our SBS 2003 Server with Covad’s DNS information? If so, would I add it to reverse or forward lookup zones? Nothing else has changed except the new addition and there are no rogue emails.

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      by jgreer ·

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      put in a reverse lookup zone

      by cg it ·

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      You should put forward and reverse lookup zones in for your SBS DNS. Users use the SMTP Exchange server for outgoing email and as such receiving SMTP servers will want that reverse lookup to make sure your exchange is legitimate. Also, if your using a dynamic IP address from you ISP that can cause problems and get your SMTP server emails bounced back. Hotmail is such a service that doesn’t like mail servers to have dynamic addresses.

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        by jgreer ·

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        Just to make sure I understand.

        I will go into the DNS settings and add a new zone as my server with the ISP’s IP address for our domain? Or will I add the smtp server name?

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          no zone just make sure you have a reverse lookup

          by cg it ·

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          you already have a zone for you DNS namespace and if you have SBS. To run SBS which is active directory based, you have to have DNS running therefore you have to have at least a forward lookup zone for the DNS name. It should have created a reverse lookup for your zone. If not, make one.

          Often smtp servers query DNS for a reverse lookup. If none is found they reject mail.

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