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DNS designation

By wspadget ·
I just installed a Win2K server and encountered some login problems. The server was configured with our ISP's DNS servers but, to speed up the login I configured the workstations to use the local server as the DNS (cut login time from 2-3 minutes to ~ 5 seconds).

This is great for desktops but what about people with laptops? So you configure this as an "alternate" configuration?

I'm open to suggestions.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to DNS designation
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by Chris910 In reply to DNS designation

Netswitcher is the way to go.
I use it daily and have not had any real problems.
List price is $14.oo but if purchasing in bulk the price seems to come down quickly.

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by jimmy In reply to DNS designation

Not quite sure i understand the question.

DNS maps IP address to domain names'.

How many NIC's are on your server and are you using a router?
(I would recommend two using different Subnet Mask)
Do you have a Static IP address assigned from your ISP?
Are you connecting VIA BB, DSL or Modem.

Normally under TCP/IP properties on the NIC on PC's or laptops your DNS should be set to automatically obtain an address be it a PC or a laptop from the LAN server not your ISP.
your LAN clients should be obtaining their DNS from the LAN server.
Then in internet explorer on client pc's/laptops click Tools > Internet Options > Connetions > Lan settings and point your client laptops and pc's to your server name going through port 8080.

This means the server will act as a proxy dealing with the requests from client Pc's.

Your LAN DNS should be someting like or another recommended non-rouatble address.

If you have two Nic's then point the external NIC to the DNS of your ISP and also Obtaining an IP address automatically from DHCP or inserting the ip address of the DHCP server with which your ISP have given you.

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by wspadget In reply to DNS designation

Ah, sorry. I meant that the local server's DHCP setup has my ISP's DNS addresses. What I meant was that, on workstations logging into the server I changed the network settings from the defaults to define my domain controller as the DNS server so the workstations would be "pointed" there. This begs the issue of what to do about laptop users who perhaps connect to other networks.

This may all be moot. I just ran across a potential configuration change in the client DNS configuration that may resolve the issue.

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