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Our current network has 2 DC's. One is primary DNS and other secondary and one is our DHCP server. We are an IBM iseries shop so that means that both our DC's are in the same box but diffrent cards. We are thinking this is not a great idea if the "box" crashes. So we have added another external DC to the network. Can I add a third DNS server and a second DHCP to this new external DC for DR purposes. I would also make it a Global Catalogue server.

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Sure, but.......

by bart777 In reply to DNS/DHCP

There is no issue adding another DC and also making it a DNS server.

The DHCP server is another matter. You will need to do 1 of couple of things.
1) Create the DHCP server and scope but don't activate or authorize it.
2) Split the scope on the original server and use the second part of the scope for this server.

The second option assumes that you have enough addresses to go around in the event that one of the servers goes down for an extended period of time. It does however give you a nice layer of redundancy.

Best of luck.

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