DNS error solutions?

By szester112000 ·
Well sometimes google or anything that uses google servers (youtube, etc) will not work. I have cleared dns cache but am wondering where to go next. If I unplug the HUB and reset it google will work again for a couple of hours but will soon go out. Any tips?

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Scan your system

by BFilmFan In reply to DNS error solutions?

Sounds like you either have some very strange virus or you are having issues reaching the DNS server.

Can you ping the DNS server when the web sites stop responding?

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Replace the HUB

by jdclyde In reply to DNS error solutions?

If resetting the HUB fixes things, it would seem like that is your problem.

For the price today, go get a switch.

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Maybe it is the HUB

by szester112000 In reply to DNS error solutions?

I didn't think of that. Would moving to a static IP make a difference you think?

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by Wizard-09 In reply to Maybe it is the HUB

Hub doesn't have a static address, your HUB would be getting a new IP address every few hours from DHCP depending on how its configured, so hit the HUB with a static address and I think you should see your problems go away.

Hope this helps.

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