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DNS errors windows 98se

By paulsack3 ·
I am having a problem connecting to the internet at home with a Compaq Presario 7360, K63 500mhz, 96MB ram, motorola cable modem and win98 se. I have already contacted my service provider and the modem is not the problem as we were able to ping a certain number with no trouble. When I try to get any web page, I get a DNS/Unable to connect to page error. If this is a TCP/IP problem or any other Windows problem please send a solution ASAP.

Thank you,
Chris Paulic (

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by CG IT In reply to DNS errors windows 98se

I have to assume your using Ethernet with a NIC card in your computer connecting to a port on your cable modem. I also have to assume your ISP is a cable internet service [ DSL service with your phone company is different than Cable service and requires a DSL modem. I also have to assume your using some type of firewall ....with that in mind, your TCP/IP setting should be IP address autodiscover and DNS autodiscovery....

your browser [assuming your using Internet Explorer] should be set for autodiscovery. That is open up IE click the stop button. Then click tools, internet options, connections, LAN settings. Note: some DSL and Cable ISP providers might specify your browser be set with those option boxes left unchecked. try both ways
Depending upon who's firewall your using, you might have to open up port 80 for http traffic.

Can you give us some more info like your TCP/IP settings and your browser settings [are you using internet explorer or netscape navigator]

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by William Jay In reply to DNS errors windows 98se


Open Internet Options, on the Connections Page, choose "never dial a connection", then click on the LAN settings, uncheck the box next to proxy settings, to disable use of a proxy.

In the TCP/IP settings for the Network Card, choose 'obtain an ip address automatically, and on the DNS page, choose 'disable DNS'.

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by RCOM In reply to DNS errors windows 98se

My first thought is has it ever worked?

Disconnect from routers or switches and connect directly to the PC using the cables that came with the modem.

A few assumtions,

Your network card is working and has no problems in Device Manager. The light on the back of the card are illuminated.

A test for basic connectivity is to run the ping command to the local loop. Run the command prompt and type "ping". It should give a successful reply. Without passing this test your network card isn't working properly.

Run "winipcfg" and see if you're getting an IP address from the cable modem. Click Start, Run then type in winipconfig. If it shows PPP Adapter change to the network adapter from the dropdown.
Also select more info. There should be an IP address. Click "Release All" the IP addresses should change to zeros. Click on "Renew" and the addresses should come back.

Right click on network n-hood located on the desktop. Select properties. In the window there should at least be Client, adapter and protocol.

1.Client for Microsoft Networks
2.Dial up Adapter
3.Your Network Adapter
4.TCP/IP for the Dial up Adapter (protocol)
5.TCP/IP for your Network Adapter (protocol)

There could be more adapters and other protocols.

Select the properties for the network adapter and make sure its "bound to TCP/IP".

Select the proerties for TCP/IP for your network adapter. Click "IP Address" tab across the top and make sure "Obtain IP address automatically" is check. Click on the "DNS" tab. Choose "Disable DNS". Then do WINS and disable that.
After making changes the system will load files and reboot. If Win98 disk isn't available type C:\Windows\System or C:\Windows in the space provided for the path. It switches back and forth. So you may need to select between the 2 folders a couple of times. If a file can't be found look to the right and click "destination". Use the same path to where the file will be copied to.

After making changes to the ne

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