DNS & Exchange 2003

By pilot80 ·
I have setup DNS and Exchange
I think my DNS Zones are not setup properly,
could anyone give suggestion.
Much appreciated

Exchange email box is
OWA is

Forward lookup zone:
Host: email IP:
Host: mail IP:

Reverse lookup zone
206.171.90.x subnet
Host: IP:
192.168.11.x subnet

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does it work on the LAN?

by CG IT In reply to DNS & Exchange 2003

your DNS server might be setup properly for internal emails [have you checked that?] but not for external emails [is that the real problem?].

Your domain name registrar, where you registered your domain name specifies name servers which are authoritative for your domain name. These name servers can be your DNS server or you can contract with a 3rd party to provide DNS services for your public domain name. If you haven't changed the authoritative name servers for you domain name with your domain registrar to your DNS server or contracted with them to provide DNS service for your domain name which points to your public IP address, you won't get any external email.

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Spam or Junk Emails

by pilot80 In reply to does it work on the LAN?

We are getting and sending email, but
we seem to be flagged as SPAM or Junk
I just wanted to make sure my Forward zone and Reverse Zone (PTR) are setup properly before calling the ISP.
Domain name registrar is setup properly to forward mail to our IP address

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whats listed in Exchange for domains?

by CG IT In reply to DNS & Exchange 2003

are you using the default *

what's the SOA record say for your DNS server for your domain name.

Is your Exchange Server an open relay?

if you are listed as a spammer by reporting agencies, you take that up with them. Some reporting agencies will list you as a spammer if you have a dynamic public IP address, even if you aren't a spammer.
If your exchange server is an open relay, you'll be listed.

if you can't do recursive lookups [reverse lookup] they will list you or other email servers won't accept email from you.

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Thank you

by pilot80 In reply to whats listed in Exchange ...

SOA Says:
primary name server:
responsible mail address: hostmaster
serial 909
.... internet address =

What do you mean by Default *. Where do I check this? In exchange right?

Yea, but the reverse lookup points to my ISP PacBell, instead of my domain
Also I only use IIS for exchange, not for a website. We host with godaddy.

Exchange is not an Open Relay, and our IP is static

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why is reverse to PacBell?

by CG IT In reply to Thank you

are you using POP3?

run this test.

Open DNS
In the console tree, click the applicable DNS server. On the Action menu, click Properties. Click the Monitoring tab.
Select the A simple query against this DNS server check box. Also select recursive query
Click Test Now.

chances are the simple will pass and the recursive will fail.

reverse lookup zone record simple stated should be = <yourdomain>.com

in DNS it would look like

PTR record for host name corresponding to the address.

to find your name space in exchange, open Exchange System Manager, expand connectors, right click on SMTP and choose properties, click the address space tab. the default is * [wildcard].

your Exchange should be authoritative in recipient policy for your domain [check box is checked and you have @<yourdomain>.com or whatever extension your using is listed

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by pilot80 In reply to why is reverse to PacBell ...

Both Test Pass, so it looks like the zones are working properly.

The reverse DNS shows that, probably because PacBell is authoritative when it comes to PTR and they haven't updated their record, no?

And on top of that, my activesync stopped working now *sigh*

We had a power surge and since then the server has been messed up.
I have about 5 event ID I cant get rid off.
Would it be better to reinstall the whole system or hire someone to fix it?

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