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DNS failure in Exchange 2003

By Mail_man ·
I came in today with full queues on all my backend servers and bridgehead. Additional information on the queues said something like "could not bind to destination server", then something about DNS. Turns out the Primary DNS server was down. We brought the Primary DNS server back up and the queues started emptying. What I don't understand is why didn't the Secondary DNS server take over?

It was resopnding to Ping, but no mail flow. I did reconfigure one of the servers and made the Secondary DNS the Primary on that server. That worked for that server. But still, why didn't it just fail over to the configured Secondary DNS? Any ideas on how I can even troubleshoot this? Thanks.

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to DNS failure in Exchange 2 ...

DNS Servers don't 'take over' it is up to the client to try the secondary server if the first fails.

Was the Primary DNS server also a DC?

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Similar issue

by quinton In reply to Why?

Hi guys, sorry this is a question, I am having a similar issue, where when i came in this morning my message que in exchange is full, now i am routing through dns, both my dns servers are up and running, only time the server is sending out mail is when i restart the server, and then its only a few of them that are going through. Anyone got any ideas, thanks big time,

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by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Similar issue

You don't route through DNS - DNS just lets the system determine the destination. I would be looking at your firewalls / routers.

Try flushing your DNS cache on both the exchange server and the local DNS server - if there are bad records they will be wiped.

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by quinton In reply to Try

Thanks for the info, currently using RRAS to connect the LAN to the internet, bare in mind that the both RRAS and exchange are running on the same server

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