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    DNS Forwarders on Windows 2003 DC


    by jbm ·

    I have a Win2003 AD network with Forest A and Forest B and a forest trust between them. Forest B has 3 child domains B1, B2, B3. I have a Win2000 server in child domain B3 ( I have a clietn PC in domain and hen I ping svr1 if fails to resolve but when I ping the IP resolves OK. Is this a problem with forwarders configured on the DC’s? Help…

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      It can ping the FQDN but not the NETBIOS name, try the below out.

      Add the child domain to the dns suffixes:
      Go to Control Panel -> Network -> LAN -> Right click on your LAN conection and select “Properties” -> Select “TCP/IP” -> Select “Properties” -> Click “Advanced” -> Select “DNS” tab.
      Tick “Append these DNS suffixes (in order)”
      Add your normal domain fqdn as first entry
      Add your child domain(s) fqdn as secondary and so on entry


      DNS will now search for a unqualified name in your domain and if not found in your child domain(s).

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