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DNS isn't working

By Anakin-DV ·
I installed a lab with 4 Win 2K machines (in a workgroup) where two of them are DNS servers. Of those servers, one has the IP address (primary server) and the another one has the IP address (secondary server), both have the mask but the problem is that one DNS server doesn't view the other within the DNS MMC. Yesterday I tried to install AD and the wizard said thet DNS isn't working at all. What happened?

P.S.: The machines are conenected through a switch. When I used ping, it works fine. the same thing with tracert and after that I ran nslookup from the server without any problem (it shows the other server []).

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Did you install service pack?

by dcpsys In reply to DNS isn't working

Be sure that before you install service pack you already fix some problems. Maybe you can use hotfixes

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Dynamic updates

by LordInfidel In reply to DNS isn't working

There are several things.

1. The DNS server that AD is trying to contact must be setup to allow dynamic updates.

2. Even more important, a zone needs to be setup for AD. ( I usually call this zone for a local lan, domain.local)

If the zonefor the domain you are trying to create does not exist in DNS and it is not configured to accept dynamic updates, AD installation will fail.

Also, when creating your domain, only create the first DNS server. When your domain is installed then introduce the second name server.

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by seanm In reply to Dynamic updates

It is very important that you have your Forward and Reverse lookup (if your domain requires Reverse lookup) zones set up prior to installing AD. Be sure your DNS Server is set to accept Dynamic updates.
Take down your Secondary DNS Server and bring it back up when when you have AD up and running. The secondary Server will replicate with the primary with little intervention from you.

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