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By amit_ser ·
I have to do streaming on windows 2000 server o\s.For this i configure windows media services and install a third party software for streaming.The server through streaming is done is in local one but i have to embed it to web server.
Is it possibe to Do all these things without configuring domain controller.Is it possible that DNS work without Domain controller.

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by CG IT In reply to DNS Issue

well to answer your first question can you do all these things without a DNS server, sure, with a "provide that" thrown in. All depends upon how you plan to make the video content available. Provided that, your web server and media server are stand alone and provided that users will obtain content via the web server by accessing the web site via a web brower Publically, you don't need a domain controller for the Media Server, but the web server needs one for for FQDN name resolution.
To answer the second question, No.

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by CG IT In reply to

for the question # 3, can you have DNS without a domain controller, sure you can. You can have name servers providing name resolution for a # of different domains without having a domain controller that controls em.

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