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    DNS issue in MS XP on 2003 Network


    by cramos ·

    We are having DNS issues at numerous client sites, along with our network. All will be working correctly and all of sudden PC / Laptop running in MS XP will lose the ability to surf the web and internal network based on system names. If you shell out and ping via IP address, replies are received. All internal systems can be accessed via IP also. You run a repair on the NIC and all is operational again. We have turned off the DNS Caching service on MS XP and set to start manually be we are still having same issue. We have found some info searching on web forums but no known resolution and as of now everyone says to just keep repairing. Can not find anything on MS Technet. Anyone have any ideas or encountered this and resolved this? PS. Occuring on systems with and without SP 2.

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