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DNS issues, Applying personal settings

By mmbc_voltron ·
I have a new network setup and all 3 workstations take 2-3 mins on the Applying your personal settings. If I disconnect the cable for a sec then it logs in fine and I can ping the server and access shares. This is a 2k3 server. What someone tell to do with DNS. The only thing is when I do a recursive test if fails. I do not have internet setup yet. This is a new building. But I did put in the DNS option for the soon to be router. What else could it be, on a 2k server I always put Allow dynamic updates but on 2k3 what should I do. Allow all or none?

I did find this. And I do have a continue setup icon.

beelzebub04-08-04, 03:12 AM
I recently installed small business server 2003 on a clients' machine. I had the same problem as you. I realized that there was a box on the desktop that says "continue instillation of small business server." By that time I had created user manually so I descided to reinstall the entire OS. After I continued instillation, a web based page appeared (offline) that allowed me to do everything automatically and from then on my user logons have been short. So see if there is a continue installation box on your desktop.

No Profiles. the server is servername.local So when I join a WS to the domian all I did was just put the servername and then it joined.
When I do a NSLOOKUP it comes back with the loopback ip.

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by CG IT In reply to DNS issues, Applying pers ...

well is this a W2003 Small Business Server?

DNS recursive would fail if you don't have internet access so thats nothing to be worried about.

Clients on the LAN need to find the DC to authenticate with. Clients therefore query DNS. DNS responds with the DC IP address. If your DNS server is also on the same box as your domain DC, then the PTR record in DNS for the DC should be itself [not the lookback address but the server address].

In the Small Business Server Edition of W2003, you can use http://<servername>/connectcomputer in the web browser to add client machines. The machine name must be in Active Directory Users and Computers for this to work.

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to

Yes this is a SBS.
Is it ok to have a DHCP scope of - 200
With my DSL account I 5 static IPS. Should the server have a static or just my Gateway? I do want to use a remote program to access one of my computers, that computer should have a Static IP correct? If so is there anything I need to do with DNS?

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to DNS issues, Applying pers ...

Yes this is SBS.

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by lostpaddler In reply to DNS issues, Applying pers ...

I've never worked with SBS, however in a domain setting the login settings you described are controlled by group policy. Try disabling the User portion of the local policy since that is what is causing the login delay. You can access local policy by Start/Run/gpedit.msc

Good Luck!

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to

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by mmbc_voltron In reply to DNS issues, Applying pers ...

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