DNS issues, help anyone?

By tosh124 ·
Hi all,
I have recently installed server 2008 std, promoted with dcpromo and installed the DNS server role.
The client machines are having intermittent internet connection problems. Sometimes they can connect to some sites and not others, sometimes they have no problems at all.
The main issue (I think) is DNS. when I do an nslookup I get

default server: unknown
address: ::1
non-existant domain

If I do it with the server IP it returns the ip address twice.
If I nslookup the server name it returns unknown.
All of the A & Cname records are there and seem OK. I have run out of ideas, can anyone point me in the direction of what I am missing?

Apologies for the long post!
best wishes

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RE: DNS issues, help anyone?

by Nimmo In reply to DNS issues, help anyone?

Try adding a pointer record in your reverse lookup zone, pointing to your server.

When you say you get the IP returned twice is it the same address? is it a IPv4 and IPv6 address? do you have two NIC's in the server?

[default server: unknown
address: ::1
non-existant domain]

(that nslookup is returning an IPv6 address - local loopback)

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RE: DNS issues, help anyone?

by tosh124 In reply to RE: DNS issues, help anyo ...

Hi Nimmo,
thanks for the reply.
I have added a PTR record in the reverse zone, but it made no difference.
The IP that was reurned twice was the IP V4 ( and the server only has 1 NIC.

Thanks for the explanation of the ::1, I have never seen it before I thought it had something to do with IP v6.
thanks again

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by Nimmo In reply to RE: DNS issues, help anyo ...

Double check that you have the correct subnet in your reverse lookup zone.

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