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DNS Issues! Need a DNS Expert

By spouye ·
Hi there,
I have a problem here: the internet(T1 line) would drop from time to time. Before i used to reboot the server but now instead(it takes too long) when I go to the services, if i stop and restart both the DNS client,DNS Server and Netlogon services the internet comes right back. I installed DNS on my domain controller with the ip and that dc is replicated to another server that has DNS installed as well with the ip All the clients have Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS Something is making it hang:
Q1: Does DNS need to be installed on a seperate server where Active Directory is not present?
Q2: On the following DNS Client-Server-Netlogon what is supposed to be on the Logon tab(Local system account or This account: Administrator)
Q3: For those same 3 services, what is supposed to be on the Recovery tab?
Thank you very much!!!

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what i know.......

by hannahlovesbananas In reply to DNS Issues! Need a DNS Ex ...

For each of the 3 services, on the logon tab, have local system account selected, and on recovery, "Take no action" is fine to leave selected. I'm not positive as to using or not using a domain controller for both DNS servers is your problem, but looking at my config.....i have my primary as the DC and the secondary just as a member server in my network.....hope i was of some help.....good luck

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Answer to question one.

by trussell In reply to DNS Issues! Need a DNS Ex ...

Q1 Answer - No, I have DNS (AD zones) on my domain controlers with no problems. I also have DHCP and WINS on these servers.

It does seem that the DNS service it hanging. Can you ping outside IP addresses when the Internet drops?

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by spouye In reply to Answer to question one.

First of all I'd like to thank you for your time.

I can, with DNS1), replicating the DC), then clients with no problem.

However I did not try and outside ip(you mean something like yahoo).

These 2 servers really don't have nothing installed on it, they only log in and out. No other application but BackupExec. It went down again this evening and the only service that really needs to be restarted is the DNS server service.

Whatdo you think is causing it?

Thank you again.

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DNS may not be your problem

by klbingeman In reply to DNS Issues! Need a DNS Ex ...

1st: I would get a hold of the service provider that you have the Internet T1 and review with the service manager your Service Level Agreement to ensure you are getting it. If the T1 goes down frequently, then you need to investigate why that line is going down. It could be a problem on the line, ext.dmark, router, etc.

2nd: Are there any eventlog messages on the windows 2000 server where DNS is running.

You can certainly put DNS on Active Directory domain controllers and you can also put DNS on a non-domain controller as long as it support SRV records for Active Directory.

To help troubleshoot this:

1) when the problem becomes apparent: what is the status of all the services on the DNS servers? (use srvinfo from the reskit toget status)
2) check event logs for any error messages and record any and research all warnings and error (be sure the message time correlates with the time frame the service becomes unresponsive)

3) while the service seems to be unresponsive, run nslookup (pointing at the suspect dns server) and perform lookups of host records you know are in the internal network - does it work? if yes, then your internal dns is working

4) perform a nslookup of - does it work? If yes, your internet dns is working, if not...maybe you have a dns forwarding configuration problem. Does your external provider provide a redudant dns system for you to use as forwarders? you should have multiple forwarders in case 1 becomes unavailable. Make sure you setup forwarders on all top level dns servers

Let me know what you find out and we can continue after we fing this out.

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