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DNS keeps failing after working

By carlos0463 ·
Simple and sweet :)
I am running a windows 2000 server box with 2 NIC's and everything has been lovely except for the DNS server. It seems I can get it to work and then it will fail. I have read many articles on how to set it up, but it seems to always fail no matter what. I cannot believe that MS would have a dns server integrating with AD and work so clumsy, so I am insisting that it is me and not the software. If someone could please help me resolve this issue i would greatly appreciated. I just want to know how to prevent the problem and once and for all learn how to correctly and effectively setup DNS integrated with AD.
My email is

THis is the error nslookup will give me after the dns server was fine.

" Can't find server name for address : Non-Existent domain.

Default servers are not available
Server : unknown
Address :
Now, if i ping the server by name it returns the actual address.
ex. ping win2kserver will return and its corresponding times.
but yet it cannot resolve when nslookup tries to find it.

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by CG IT In reply to DNS keeps failing after w ...

humm what you need to do is open up DNS and tell us what records you have in there for your foward lookup zone. what the SOA record says and the Host record records. further if you do have errors they will show up in the Event viewer under DNS. Tell us what those errors are [if any].

further multihomed, make sure that the bindings are correct and that for the LAN segment, the DNS server IP address is used for DNS [not the loopback address].

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by voldar In reply to DNS keeps failing after w ...

In fact, such an error gives you the first thought to check if you have a reverse lookup zone in your DNS zone. Check for the records on the reverse lookup zone and see if you got one for

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by carlos0463 In reply to DNS keeps failing after w ...

1. Hosts for Forward Lookup Zone screen in order
NAME Type Data
_msdcs folder
_sites folder
_tcp folder
_udp folder
(same as parent folder) SOA [59],,
(same as parent folder) Name Server
(same as parent folder) Name Server win2kserver
(same as parent folder) Host
win2kserver Host
workstation1 Host

2. This will be the reverse lookup zone

(same as parent folder) SOA [15],,
(same as parent folder) Name Server Pointer Pointer

The bindings for the cards are correct, I have it listening to as a dns server.

Under DNS there are no errors, the error is logged under System in event viewer.

Eventid 5773. Netlogon. This dns does not support dynamic updating. But , this only happens when the DNS server is off. I still cannot understand how something that is working could just stop working. I am really frustrated by this and Cannot understand how this seems to be a normal problem with DNS and AD. I appreciate the help ladies and gentlemen :)

Sincerely, Carlos

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by carlos0463 In reply to DNS keeps failing after w ...

K, It seems I finally figured out what happened after GOOGLING for days.
The problem I had was simple ( as always ) .
I had name my domain
instead of
second, I should not have named it .net or anything that way.
I should have done it as server.local
Also, forwarding should have been enabled and I didn't, which could also have been a problem.

Anyways, I would like to thank all of you who contributed with this question and hope that it helps somebody else. Also, feel free to email me if you have any questions. Sincerely, Carlos Maduro

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by carlos0463 In reply to

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by carlos0463 In reply to DNS keeps failing after w ...

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