DNS Lookup Zone Issue?

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I have a home network lab configured with DHCP/DNS/Active Directory on a single MS 2003 Server with multiple client machines and two member servers. (Studying for my MCSA)

All servers and client machines are connected to a Netgear GS724AT Advanced Smart switch including the PDC. The switch is connected to a DLink wireless router.

ISP>Router>Switch>Servers and Clients

All of my machines acquire IP addressing and dns server info from the DC. They are all able to access the internet and each other.

The problem I am having is that I am not able to access the router configuration by its' IP address from machines connected to the switch. The router is set as the default gateway and its' address is given to all client machines as their default gateway automatically by the DC. I am able to ping it fine. If I connect a machine directly to the router I am able to acquire DHCP info, access the internet and the router and able to access machines connected to the switch.

The same is also true going the other way; machines connected to the switch can access the machine connected to the router.

Im not sure if this has anything to do with this issue, but I am seeing a number of 8702 Errors in DNS event viewer.

Do I need to create a record of the router in a reverse or forward lookup zone? I'm scratching my head, please help!

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Jumbo Frames

by Technics614 In reply to DNS Lookup Zone Issue?

Looks like the problem was jumbo frames. I have jumbo frames enabled on all LAN devices, however the router I have does not support it. =(

Time to buy a business class router =)

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