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DNS Mess

By med103 ·
So I have a server cluster that was 3 computers. A DC, Mail, and Web server. The Web site was recently moved to an off site service so I shut it down. I changed the A records for the DNS hosts and the IP in the Hosts files on the DC and also in the DNS zone file. Both servers (DC and Mail) can see the new site, but all the computers around the office still see the old site and IP. How can I change this? I cleared browser caches. Also is this a problem for bookmarks that customers have and how long does it take Google to change.

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Use a troubleshooting guide in process of elimination

by Hockeyist In reply to DNS Mess

I could suggest the following link;en-us;330511
I had a problem with our network lookups and found that the best solution was to use a troubleshooting guide and eliminate possible causes. We found that our primary DHCP server had a problem and our secondary DHCP server wasn't configured properly with the correct DNS servers.

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MX Records

by BFilmFan In reply to DNS Mess

Did you also update the MX record? That will be checked by outside systems looking to deliver mail for a hosted domain.

Do you have WINS in the environment? This could be an issue and holing the old browser names.

Depending on which server is answering as the Start of Authority for the domain, you could have a looping issue as stated earlier, or a duplicated DNS namespace issue. Are your internal and external DNS namespaces different?

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DNS Con't

by med103 In reply to DNS Mess

I've been trying to get internal workstations to see a newly external company website for a while now. I changed the host file to the correct IP and cleared all the browser caches. Some of the newer computers in the office were able to view the site, but the older machines still aren't able to. After I changed the host files one computer was able to see everything, but now a week later it is back to seeing nothing. Any other suggestions for what could be happening?

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