DNS not being resolved Properly

By mgray ·
Every morning I noticed that my DNS server has entered in another IP address for its name server. I am not sure where the IP address is coming from but some of my clients get that and thus unable to gain network access.

I have a windows 2008 server, which is running my DNS, DHCP, is my DC and is acting as my file server.

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A private IP address?

by seanferd In reply to DNS not being resolved Pr ...

I'd have thought that your DNS server was your nameserver - internally.

Or is this entry that changes in the forwarder? If it is the internet public DNS from the ISP, it should be in the forwarders. If the public DNS IP is anywhere else, it will be a problem.

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I was going to say the problem doesn't make sense

by CG IT In reply to DNS not being resolved Pr ...

there are only a few ways for clients to get different DNS servers if they are DHCP clients. One way is that the options in DHCP for DNS server resources are changed. That necessitates someone going in an changing them. Another way is that another DHCP server is put on the LAN and clients obtain addressing and DNS server addresses from that.

Further still, users who have access to TCP/IP properties can put in their own addressing which if they leave it there, will register those addresses with your DNS server. That can cause connectivity problems.

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