DNS on 2 networks for 1 device

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Currently we have 2 networks for our the majority of our servers which are not joined for security purposes. Since several servers have multiple interfaces, I'm wondering if I create a different DNS server for each network, how will DNS requests be handled if the interface on one server was to go down. For example a server1 has IPs and and server2 has and If server 1 loses, will a hostname request from server2 (e.g. ping server1) always result in a successful connection on the 172.16.x.x network or is it possible it will get the lookup and timeout?

Likewise, if 1 of the DNS servers is on both networks, is it necessary to have 2 DNS servers or is there a way to ensure that the DNS server always returns a valid entry for whatever network the client is querying from (instead of just having 2 A records and DNS doing round-robin, returning the bad entry 50% of the time)?

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