DNS problem

By john.coppin ·
I am using Windows Server 2003. One server is Domain Controller with DNS installed. Other server to run Exchange 2003 to host. Getting error 7062 that reads that packets are being addressed to myself in Event Viewer.
Because of this error unable to load Exchange on the second server. Not able to find Active Directory so won't run Forest Prep.
How do I solve the DNS problem to be able to install Exchange 2003 and host mail on the second server?

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by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to DNS problem

Have you joined the second server to the Domain and is it's TCP/IP and DNS settings set up correctly? Can it ping the domain controller by IP or host name?

These would be some good first steps to check

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Thanks Kjell

by john.coppin In reply to Question.

Sorry, forgot to add. Yes I can ping the Domain Controller, and the second server is part of the Domain.
Just not resolving DOmain name on first server when I use nslookup.
Will not let me install Exchange on second server.

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Second question

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Thanks Kjell

So you can ping the Domain Controller by IP address, but not host name if I understand you correctly. I would check the DNS forward lookup zone on the DC to make sure it's set up correctly, and of course make sure the second server has the IP address for the DC as it's main DNS server.

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Thanks Again

by john.coppin In reply to Second question

I can ping by host name or IP, and the second server has the IP address of the DC also. Think there is a possibility that there is a configuration error or problem with my forward lookup zone.
Not sure but would welcome any other suggestions.

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Domain membership

by Kjell_Andorsen In reply to Thanks Again

Is the Second Server already a member of the Domain? Does it show up in Active directory users and computers? If not the first thing to do would be to add it. If it IS a member of the domain, try running Forestprep again and see what errors you get, then post the errors here to help us analyze the problem.

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More Info

by john.coppin In reply to Domain membership

This is not the exact error message. But the second server shows up in Active Directory.
The message is cannot find domain and unable to find in Active Directory. Not the exact error message because I am have not been back at the site in a while.
Using POP for not until I resolve the matter.

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