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DNS problem

By sgtk74b ·
Hi all, I work at a helpdesk in the U.S. Army and am having a problem. Whenever I try and add a certain computer to the domain, it says there is a DNS lookup problem. The website they directed me to was all server related. To troubleshoot I checked same settings on another computer using the same OS (Windows 2000 Pro) the computer connected on the domain on the second computer. I tried another computer name for the computer giving me problems and recieved same error. Does anyone have any suggestions on why this 1 computer can't locate Domain when all other computers on same network and using same OS can?

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by pcbrat In reply to DNS problem

check the Pc that you cant connect to has the right Internal DNS. I assume your using AD. If so then make sure that pc is recieving the same DHCP an IPCONFIG /all and check your settings.

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when in doubt

by LordInfidel In reply to DNS problem

open a cmd prompt and type in
nslookup <enter>

If you get a time out, then type exit and check your IP settings.

make sure you can ping your dns server via IP.

poster #1 is right, if your in an AD enviroment and you can not contact the DNS server responsible for the AD zone, you will not be able to join the domain, no matter how hard you try.

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bad NIC?

by R3D In reply to DNS problem

You may have a bad NIC on that system. I had trouble with a system like this before, (Dell). I couldn't boot a network boot disk for it, but the system was fine with the OS it had and the network was ok under W2K. The boot disk worked on every other system exactly like it, but not this one. Strange, but I changed the NIC out and it was fine after that. Try a new NIC to rule it out first. if the new one works, well then you saved yourself a lot of trouble...

Good Luck!


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