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By mymsn ·
Hi all I am having linux server as my primary gateway which is configured as DNS server.
I am facing a problem which i am not able to solve
all my windows clients are connected to linux server for internet and windows 2000 for database
machines running windows 2000 is havnig internet connectivity problem. If net is down and if we change the dns server in preferred dns servers the net is coming after some time net goes down and again ive to follow the same procedure.
can any body give me a goot solution how to solve this problem

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by lcampbell In reply to DNS PROBLEM IN WINDOWS 20 ...

Set the binding order on the 2KPro PC's to reflect the DNS of the Linux box as it's first source to look to.
This should help keep the settings properly in place.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to DNS PROBLEM IN WINDOWS 20 ...

Hi mymsm

First go to the Win2000 machines and open the ptoperties page for the local area connection. Next select TCP/IP and click Properties.

Make sure that the first DNS entry points to the DNS Server for your network and the second DNS entry points to the Linux machine. Next make sure that the IP address of the gateway points to your Linux machine.

You should also check that the DNS server is able to forward requests to the Linux machine (assuming the DNS server is located on the Win2000 computer). To do this simply open the forward lookup zone on the DNS Server, open the folder named after your domain and add a new host and type the name of the Linux machine and its IP address.

Hope this helps

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by voldar In reply to DNS PROBLEM IN WINDOWS 20 ...

And here what I suggest you to do.

If I understood right, you have a W2K server for the LAN and a web server (router) for your internet connection. If so, I had also the same configuration, and it is the best as far as I know. What I did is the following:
- gateway for the W2K clients = IP (private) of the linux server.
- DNS IP for the W2K clients = IP (private) of the W2K LAN server (so that they get the policies from the server :))
- forwarder in the W2K LAN server pointing to the IP (private) of the linux box (erase the "." from the DNS window if it's a root domain to enable forwarders tab)
And that's it. This way you can manage the internet access through the GPOs on the LAN server.

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