DNS problem - looking for explanation

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Good Morning,

I had a DNS (or perhaps WINS) issue over the weekend that I don't understand.

I need to give some background:

We are in the process of migrating an NT domain over to a Win2k3 AD domain. As part of that process, we created a secondary DNS server on the AD domain, setup replication with the AD PDC DNS, and then moved the IP address that was on the NT Domain's DNS server, to the secondary DNS server on the AD domain.

That's the background. Up until this past weekend, the original NT DNS IP (x.x.x.30) had been first in the DNS search order on NT DCs. Then this weekend, I moved the Primary AD DNS address (x.x.x.4 to the top of the search order and moved x.x.x.30 to place 2. I verified resolution of the 2 NT DCs and went home.

However this morning, we began getting reports of people being unable to log in to the NT domain and unable to connect to the domain with any of the domain management tools (user manager etc).

I changed the search order back and and all was well. However I don't understand what happened or why?

Can someone explain whats goin on here?

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did you migrate or upgrade according to MS best practice

by CG IT In reply to DNS problem - looking for ...

There are hundreds or articles about upgrading and/or migrating from NT to AD on Microsoft Technet and Help and Support.

I strongly suggest your refer to those resources.

You do know that NT domains are not the same as AD domains and replication between them doesn't really work well if at all. you can create a trust between the domains but, schema replication just doesn't work because NT domains are not the same as AD domains.

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didnt migrate

by In reply to did you migrate or upgrad ...

I'm not sure I follow your response. We didnt migrate the DNS server from NT to AD. We build secondary DNS on a Win2k3 DC that was built from the ground up. Then moved the IP address associated with the old NT DNS to the AD domain. That has been in place and running for many months.

The only change was changing the search order on the NT DCs so that they pointed to the Primary DC first, then the Secondary, rather than vice-versa.

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DNS order of precedence

by CG IT In reply to didnt migrate

always goes to the first listed DNS server. If that is unavailable,[server goes down] then queries go to the second DNS server listed. It's redundancy [one goes down there's another ] not load sharing.

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