DNS Problem or What????

By llopezcr ·
I have a problem...
My ISP was Sold to another company...
I use 4 ISP for the company so company 1 was sold to company 2 and the 3rd ant the 4th still the way it was... now

2nd company will maintain the same ip's the one's i use to have....
when they made the change to their system... I start to have this problem i'm not able to see my sites, in my firewall I change the DNS and was able to ping them and trace them but I can not browse them in my computer or in any other computer from 3rd and 4th provider just from the 1st and 2nd one i understand that it is because when i use that ip it's in the same network....

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Not sure.

by seanferd In reply to DNS Problem or What????

By "firewall" do you mean "router"?

Regardless, on whichever devices connect to the ISP with which you have this problem, check to see if automatic (DHCP) is on for obtaining DNS addresses, etc. Or, manually configure the correct DNS addresses. Or, even use a different DNS service, like the addresses available publicly from Level3, OpenDNS, or Google.

See if any of that helps.

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still not sure

by llopezcr In reply to Not sure.

i put in all of 3 firewalls DNS from OpenDNS

the connection goes this way

IPS router and switch and firewall - final users

the other one goes the same way ....

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I don't know about the firewalls.

by seanferd In reply to still not sure

What type of firewall is this? I've never set DNS in a plain firewall, but I do know there are some like Smoothwall, Untangle, etc. which are firewall/router distributions.

The IPS router (Cisco?) may have rules set that is forcing use of the old, incorrect DNS addresses. You'll have to check that. If the switch is "smart", it may have such a feature configured as well.

Note also, if you do want to use OpenDNS as your DNS service, it is best to follow all setup steps and create an account (and a "network" for each public IP you have). Also, if you have dynamic IPs, you need to keep them updated to OpenDNS with the software client they offer (or your router if it will work that way), or you could end up getting stuck with another user's filtering settings.

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