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By melissabruggemann@hotmail ·
I'm very new at DNS and I hoping someone can help me. I need to have our company's URL point to an ip address internally. How do I do this in WinSvr 2003 DNS admin?


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DNS 2003

by billbohlen@hallmarkchannl In reply to DNS question

This depends on your configuration, but under Forward Lookup Zones,, you should see a record "www". It may be a Host(A) record pointing to an IP address, or an Alias(CNAME) record pointing to another Host.
if it is a CNAME, you will need to delete it, then right click your domain node and choose New Host(A).. Then fill out the proper information.
If it is already a Host record, just double-click it and change the IP address to the correct one.

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Help DNS

by melissabruggemann@hotmail In reply to DNS 2003

We've never had to set this up this way before so no records for www. Should I setup a new zone?


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More questions

by billbohlen@hallmarkchannl In reply to Help DNS

No don't create a new zone, that could cause problems.

Chances are, your company has an internal DNS domain for Active Directory and an external DNS domain for your web site. So there wouldn't be a WWW record on your company's internal DNS zone.

Your external DNS zone (including the WWW record you want to change) is most likely managed by your ISP's DNS servers on the Internet. You can look up this information from

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Help DNS

by melissabruggemann@hotmail In reply to More questions

Hi again,

Our external DNS is correct.. Problem is that we just moved our website in house and our old vendor is screwing us up internally because she
also did our dns and T1's and refuses to change anything. So I do want to set things up internally.. What do I do?


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Moving external DNS in-house - first steps

by billbohlen@hallmarkchannl In reply to Help DNS

Well your first step should be to reclaim your company's external DNS.
You will need to use WHOIS and other lookup tools to find out who your company's domain name is registered with, and the contact information for that Internet registrar (i.e. Network Solutions). Once you find the registrar, you will probably need to call them to assert yourself as the new technical contact for the domain.
You will also need to find out where your current zone file is. This can be done by examining the authorized name servers from your domain's WHOIS info.
Most companies I know of don't host their own DNS servers on the Internet, it is a big security risk especially with Windows. Usually they rely on their ISP to host their domain's zone file. The ISP's DNS servers then become the authorized name servers for that domain. Then when they need to create a record like WWW, they contact their ISP to make the change to the zone.

Hopefully this makes sense enough to get you on the right path. Maybe all you need to do for now is contact your ISP and tell them to change the IP address of WWW to your new in-house server?

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