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By ndhiman ·
I have a simple question. I am setting up a new exchange server
for my office. I bought a domain name and is registered. I have a
Road runner circuit with a Public Static IP. I am going to install
the exchange server on my internal network with a private IP and
will port forward 25 from my firewall/router to this server. My
question is what DNS entries I need to make with my ISP so i can
get all SMTP mail. I am naming my exchange server as Somewhere I read that U need to
create entries or records with name as MAIL and somewhere
they say it should have your server name,,So I am a bit confused.
Can someone tell me and also tell me if i missed something in

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by BFilmFan In reply to DNS Records

Follow the recomendations of this guide for configuring your MX records:

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by ndhiman In reply to

Thanks BFilm and also for answering the private question.

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by CG IT In reply to DNS Records

you need a DNS server or pay for a DNS service which will map your domain name [MX record]to your static public IP address.

What you name your server is inmaterial to MX records in that it's the MX record that says @domain is IP address thus and such. DNS servers or a DNS service does that.

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by ndhiman In reply to DNS Records

Thanks for responding.. I went through that document and everwhere i see entries that point to i assume that their e-mail server name is MAIL ?
If that's true, then I don't need entries for i will need entries for MYSERVER.DOMAIN.COM. Am i correct ?
Hope I am clear in explaining.

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by Knoy In reply to DNS Records

you dont need to create any record at all in your dns. Once you install exchange it will set the schema to recognize the mail server in your lan (providing the install is done correctly). As CG stated, your internal DNS means nothing to the external mail that you will receive. Your hosting service may provide mail forwarding services, check with them. If not, an easy service I have used is As long as your smpt is set to listen on 25 and you have at least on MX record you are well on your way. Any external site only wants a record pointing to your IP, your mail server name is irrelevant.

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by ndhiman In reply to DNS Records

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