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    DNS records


    by ron ·

    I have a DC that someone named “” instead of “Domain.local”. domain.local now resides on an external web server and the internal clients cannot access it as the DNS cannot resolve the name. To avoid renaming the domain, I have setup a static IP for the external web site.
    What would the proper DNS record to add so the clients are redirected to the IP address when asked for

    Thanks in advance!

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      by ron ·

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      by churdoo ·

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      You may have confused me with your description, but normally all you need to do in that case is to add an A-record in your AD DNS server, in the forward lookup zone, call it www and enter the IP of your company website.
      This will direct your LAN clients trying to browse to, to your company website.

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      I have the same problem, and normally adding host record “www” with ip works. However on DC that are 2008 it still wants overlook the www entry and look up the root domain. For example I type , but the browser looks up and gives you a IIS7 default page. I am on the hunt but have not gotten an answer. I have tried adding a record called “web” with ip and that works. ( I hope you find the answer. I can not find anything on the web regarding this issue. A work arround is alter the clinet host file and that works as well.

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