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DNS recursion and PIX 506 firewall

By jimduke ·
Hello I'm hoping I may get some help with this it's an odd problem. I had installed a PIX 506 to replace a sonicwall soho firewall and I'm using recursive DNS on the DC. For some reason with the sonicwall, the DC passes it's recursive test but with the PIX it does not. THe PIX has been replaced once and reconfigured 4 times with the latest IOS installed, The DC has had the location of it's DNS cache file moved in accourdance to the one obscure article I found on this through microsoft. My thoughts are for some reason the statefull inspection on the PIX is better than that of the sonicwall and therefore not being as forgiving with the passing of potentially fragmented recusive DNS requests. The only solution I can come up with at this pointwould be to uninstall and reinstall DNS, win2k server with exchange. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

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