DNS Replication between different domains

By suporte.col ·
I am IT Manager in a Company with several Network locations. Each location has it own server (Win 2003, DNS Server, DHCP) with a domain and a forest for each,different and independent.
I also have a headoffice with a DNS Win 2003 Server, DHCP (again with a different domain and forest).
Now I need to place some information in a "centralized" DNS located in the server of the headoffice and in each location I need to forward DNS queries from local DNS servers to that centralized headoffice DNS server.
Can anyone help me? I don?t know how can I configure this.

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It does depend

by lowlands In reply to DNS Replication between d ...

On exactly what kind of queries you'd like to have forwarded to your main DNS server. If they are queries for a specific domain you can do the following.
In the properties of the DNS server in your branch offices (using the DNS mmc), under the forwarders tab, enter the domain name with the IP for the DNS server in your main office. Now any DNS query for will be forwarded to your main DNS server. I believe the standard set up is to have all other queries routed to the root DNS servers, but I guess you could set that all up to go through your main DNS as well

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RE: DNS Replication between different domains

by suporte.col In reply to It does depend

Hi, Many thanks for your quick reply. My purpose is to configure some DNS entrys (hosts) in that centralized server - let?s call it (ex: host1; host2; host3 Each pc client located in one of those dns servers (ex:,, etc), when requesting the ip of host1 the should forward the query to and should resolve the host1 to and send it back. I think this is pure DNS configuration but I cannot figure how. I don?t know if this is possible since the domains are different and also DNS.

Once again many thanks for your support.

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it is possible

by lowlands In reply to RE: DNS Replication betwe ...

with a few caveats.
If you set the forwarders on dnslocalserver1 to forward all requests for to, that will work
But the client will either need in the DNS suffix search order, or needs to query the fully qualified name, Another problem might be that ALL queries for will now be forwarded.

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DNS Replication between different domains

by suporte.col In reply to it is possible

Ok. I had already made some tests following your tips and it works fine. Many thanks again, your answers really help me!
Another question:
If I place in the DNS the so called hosts: host1, host2, etc. I configure host1 with ip but imagine that after 3 days I need to change from to I change it and after that I make a ping to the machine. It gives me back the instead of, which means that DNS has maybe this value in it's cache. Is there a way of "telling" DNS imediatelly after the change that the ip of the host had changed? I try with ipconfig /flushdns and also clear the cache in DNS properties but the change is not immediatelly efective. And houw about using aging scavenging? Do you think it will help?

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if it is cached

by lowlands In reply to DNS Replication between d ...

it is probably on the workstations themselves, not on the server. What you can do is set a very short TTL on the DNS record if you expect it to change.

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