DNS Replication problems

By wancona ·
I am trying to do an SBS migration, using SBS swing migration, to move our SBS network to a new physical server. I've added the tempDC to the network, but I cannot get the dns to replicate. Every support tools is saying that the RPC server is unavailable. I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting. On the tempDC, I am able to ping the sbs server by name and ipaddress. From the sbs server, I am unable to ping the tempDC. Also, when I ping just the domain name, ex. ping domain.local, the ipaddress that it shows is to the tempDC, and is also unreachable.

Any help? Where do I start looking to fix.

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If you cannot ping the tempDC by IP address

by robo_dev In reply to DNS Replication problems

then check the default gateway of the tempDC.

If pinging the name resolves the correct IP address, then DNS is working, just not IP.

Do these have multiple NICs, by any chance?

Is this a flat, single subnet network?

Can you ping to/from a workstation to the tempDC?

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Ping and NIC

by wancona In reply to If you cannot ping the te ...

Both Servers have mulitple NICs. The workstations can ping the SBS server (which was the original server) but not the tempDC. When i ping the tempDC (which is the actually server name) it resolves to the right address, but does not get a response.

Also, shouldn't pinging the resolve to the SBS server and not the tempDC?

It is a single subnet network. I have not subnetted anything, as I only want to transfer the original network to a bigger, better physical computer.

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Added Information - Netdiag

by wancona In reply to DNS Replication problems

After running netdiag on the tempDC, i noticed my computer failed one test, and skipped multiple test. The test that failed is :
Domain Membership Test - failed
"This system volume has not been completely replicated to the local machine. This machine is not working properly as a DC"

and the test that were skipped are :
WINS Service Test
Default Gateway Test
WAN Configuration Test and
IP Security Test

With these test being skipped, does this mean that there is something else wrong or that they were not a factor in the test's outcome.

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It might be even easier.

by bart777 In reply to DNS Replication problems

Verify that the TempDC doesn't have the firewall enabled. Or if you use a 3rd party program make sure it's not running.

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So pissed.

by wancona In reply to It might be even easier.

I have spent the pass two weeks trying to fix this problem. And all I had to do was turn off the firewall. Thank you very, very , very much.

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You are most welcome.

by bart777 In reply to So pissed.

Isn't it always those little easy ones that drive you batty?

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