Dns server 2003

By nineshot ·
I am using server 2003 sbs for my dns. ipconfig/all on client machines shows the dns server's ip then two public ip's after that. So I am assuming that a quesry goes first to the server then to my isp's dns. Is this normal? I was under the assumption that everything should go through the server. Dhcp is coming from router with the server's ip as dns

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The short answer is yes

by Churdoo In reply to Dns server 2003

DNS queries will go to your Small Biz Server and only if the SBS DNS service is not responding will the queries go to the 2nd and then 3rd resolver listed.

Since all or most of your services are on Small Biz server by definition, this essentially means that if your SBS is down, your users will be able to entertain themselves by browsing the internet, and they might leave you alone for a minute in this case while you get SBS back online.

Relative to where your DHCP service lives, normally in an SBS network, DHCP is handled by the small biz server as well. Obviously this is not absolute as it seems to be configured correctly on your router and appears to be working fine, and will continue to work fine without any detrimental effects that I can think of; someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

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Thanks for your help... I have bigger problems

by nineshot In reply to The short answer is yes

I tried to install a new router last night and it won't work the same as the old one. That's not my biggest concern anymore. I just left the old one in place because it was working. While upgrade network cards in the workstations, I left the driver for them on a network share, only to my surprise the network share was actually the primary partition of the server. So everybody has "g" drive mapped to their workstation with read write permission. "g" is actually the "c" drive of the server.

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and this is a problem because ????

by CG IT In reply to Thanks for your help... ...

I see a very easy solution to what you say is a " bigger" problem. However, from you words, the solution appears to be an issue that you don't want to do. Why is that?

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