DNS server and Active directory in server 2008 confused

By ejecthunter ·
Hi, i own a small business which is in wholesale and retail. currently i have 15 employees, we use a workgroup to share pictures and details of new products.
problem is that when someone is out of office and goes to another city to do a presentation to a new buyer he has to take appx 10 gigs worth data on external hardrive, of which we might only need a few MBs. recently an friend of mine suggested that i install a server 2008 machine and have active directory, which will enable us to log onto a central server which contains all the information and edit and save and share new order with other emplyees without having to rely a lot on email and and USB thumb drives. we already have a website which is hosted on one of our PC and the dns provider is, because we have a dynamic ip. so finally to my question how do i setup a server 2008 for Active directory and DNS so that all of us can log on from anywhere? also please note that we just started the company so dont want to spend alot of cash.


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by ejecthunter In reply to DNS server and Active dir ...

any reply please??/

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don't need a server and active directory for that

by CG IT In reply to bump

I would think that setting up a web site with demos would be one avenue. Create demos on DVDs is another avenue.

Remote access in to get data requires a reliable and fast internet connection. While some companies might allow that for visitors, others might not so reliability of getting to the internet is a question if all material are only available through the internet [via remote access]. Go on a sales call assuming you can get material, then finding out you can't is not good.

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Demos Time consuming

by ejecthunter In reply to don't need a server and a ...

we have tried creating demos on DVDs and also web based demos, actually the problem is that we have many many MANY products creating a demo for a specific customer is one thing, but since our business model is that we aproach the customers and then ask them what they want and present at the same makes it a bit difficult to anticipate the product/demos he would like to see..

thus the AD and DNS option.

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Lots of solutions. . . but AD isn't one of them

by jsdye In reply to Demos Time consuming

I do think you need a server, but you don't need Active Directory. You could stand up a server and install an old-fashioned FTP service on it. You would have to change firewall settings to allow external access to it. Or, could you use hosted storage in the cloud? You could try Google docs. That's completely free!

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Active Directory Services is centralized management of the network

by CG IT In reply to Demos Time consuming

That isn't what you say your problem is.

What you want to do is provide information to customers while on site.

Your web site would be the most likely candidate for providing information and if you need to share stuff or download stuff, just add in a restricted section requiring login for downloading information.

But as I mentioned, Active Directory Services is centralized management of the local computer network. Centralized meaning user logons, shared folder permissions and rights, blah blah. If you go that route, then you'll need someone to manage it.

But a restricted portion of your web site that allows file transfers might be the way to go. Or find a hosted solution that provides that. Chances are, a hosted solution will be cheaper when you do the math. X $$ per month vs X $$ in capital outlay and then X $ for someone to create it, then manage it.

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