DNS Server issuing incorrect IP addresses

By elinam ·
Hi Guys,

Just wondering if you could please help me out with this issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

My DNS server seems to be issuing incorrect IP addresses. Recently our network printer has stopped working, after much troubleshooting I have worked out that the IP address issued to the printer is 10.1.1.x, where it should be within the rage of

I have noticed that a few other laptops have been issued with a similar IP address on occasion(10.1.1.x). With a laptops I just simply assigned then with a static IP address(which solves that problem).

However with a Printer I can't find a facility that I can specify a static IP addresses.

When I try to set up the printer again, (as if its a fresh set-up) on the server - the printer is not even recognised. Which reinstated my theory of out of rage IP address.

Hope you can help.



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First of all

by tintoman In reply to DNS Server issuing incorr ...

DNS servers do not issue IP addresses, that is the job of the DHCP server, so this ought to be a simple matter of configuring the DHCP server to issue addresses within the range you require

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by Mehul Bhai In reply to DNS Server issuing incorr ...

You seem to have another DHCP Server in your network which seems to allocate 10.1.1.x. Check the same.

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