DNS Server not broadcasting

By derflanoj ·
We have a Windows 2003 Server R2 installed with a Cisco 2821 router. The Server is set up as having the DNS Server role as one of its roles. The address that it is serving is the primary and secondary DNS that was provided by our ISP via an E1 line.

We have noted that our router is also enabled to serve DNS and is also pointing to the external DNS addresses.

Symptoms that we need to fix:
? Unless we set the DNS manually in each workstation, it will not connect to the Internet, although it connects to the LAN no problem.
? We therefore cannot use the DHCP and DNS Server broadcasting from our Network Server, which I know is preferred. Presently, we can only use the DHCP.
? In the DNS Server Event log, there are errors being generated. One of them is below.
? We suspect part of this is caused by the fact that we recently changed ISPs and replaced the previous E1 with the new one.

Can Someone give me an idea of how to fix this problem?

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configure the DNS forwarder

by alashhar In reply to DNS Server not broadcasti ...

as you have internal DNS role on windows 2003 server, i think to solve your problem you need to follow these steps:

configure the DNS addresses on all the hosts to the local DNS server.

configure the local DNS server to forward any request that it can not answered to the DNS srevers of ISP provider.

i hope my answer will solve your problem

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DNS not broadcasting

by derflanoj In reply to configure the DNS forward ...

What I want to happen in my network is that all the client automatically get the dns like the dhcp. I don't want to manually setting the dns ip on every client pc.

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I may have misunderstood .....

by ugadata In reply to DNS not broadcasting

I got the impression that you want the DNS server entries for the client PCs to be dynamic rather than static?

As I stated I may have a misunderstanding as to what you want. Although this may answer part of your question.

You can assign the DNS servers through DHCP. From the DHCP applet look under Scope Options and fill in the DNS entries under "006 DNS Servers".

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Is this Active Directory?

by CG IT In reply to DNS Server not broadcasti ...

if so, do you use a FQDN for your private network? or a non FQDN for the private network? If you use a FQDN for the private network, what DNS server is authoritative for the FQDN?

Can't make a suggestion without this information.

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