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DNS server not logging events

By Eminent87 ·

I have to 2 domain controllers, lets call them DC-1 and DC-2. DC-1 is a windows 2003 server and DC-2 is a windows 2000 server. They both also have DNS and are working fine. The problem I'm having is that DC-2 is not logging any of the DNS events. The only event that will show up is when I stop and restart the service. I have compared the two settings and they are pretty much identical. The only thing I noticed when I use the dns snapin console via a XP box is the event logging is set to none on the event logging tab (this tab can only be view in XP or 2003). I tried changing the settings so that it'll log all events but for some reason it doesn't accept the changes. It always revert back to none. Can someone help me fix this? Thanks!

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by Blackcurrant In reply to DNS server not logging ev ...


I thought that you could only have one DNS server on a network. If you attempt to start a second DNS server, it will detect the presence of the first one and stop. Do you have an error in the event log saying the service has been stopped? If so, try using to get more information on the event.

Good luck

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by Eminent87 In reply to

sorry but you should be allow to as many DNS server as you want. what about a backup? what if your primary dns server goes down? thanks for trying anyway.

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by ccollins In reply to DNS server not logging ev ...

Nope, two DNS servers are fine, one primary and one secondary. In fact you can have more as long as you maintain a heirarchy. On the 2000 server if you open the event viewer and right click the DNS server events you can tell it what you want to log. Check any GPOs that may be affecting it.

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by Eminent87 In reply to

Thanks for the reply but i've checked all that but the problem is not there. Any other suggestions.

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by Eminent87 In reply to DNS server not logging ev ...

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