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    DNS server @ windows 2003


    by promartinus ·

    I have one question concerning DNS server configurations could someone who knows exact
    “how it works” enlighten me with my doubts ?
    here it is:

    my server is connected trough Linksys NAT router/firewall router acts as a DHCP server.

    my WAN IP is separated (different class, different network eg. ) form my LAN IP’s (

    my linksys router automatically obtains DNS IP’s of my ISP and maps them, so my local network uses Linksys router IP adress as DNS…

    I am forwarding the port of DNS service, to the win2003 server machine (mainserver), running DNS server software.

    and I am forwarding FTP service port to other machine with win NT4.0(ftpserver) running FTP server.

    Both machines are in the same Active Directory Domain, (mydomain.local) where (mainserver) is the primary domain controller and (ftpserver) is standalone server pre win 2000 defined.

    My external domain is

    Users connecting trought the internet to: are forwarded to the (ftpserver)
    (becouse of ftp service port is forwarded by the router)

    Question is:

    When users type

    the (mainserver) on running dns should pass ftp server IP to the user…

    that what the theory is..

    I want to know this: once internet user, WAN tries to access LAN computer, that should be routed in order to work..

    Straight question is:

    Does DNS server do the routing, of WAN to LAN while static DNS entry points to LAN ip ??

    How DNS is related to the routing options.. can still use it with linksys ?

    Do I need to use WIN 2003 routing features, in order to have whole dns functionality?

    and the last.. final is.

    the internet user quering DNS with hits what the computername I assume, but does he have the routed connectivity to this computer etc..

    how this is related to the security… shouldn’t I assume then active directory computers, will be open to possible attacks ?

    many thanks for help, I will promise you credits.

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