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    DNS setup on mixed mode domain


    by bos1028 ·

    We currently have NT domain with W2K workstations. We have 1 NT PDC with 8 NT BDCs 4 of which are located in detached offices connected with fractional T1 lines. We are using WINS and each BDC is a secondary WINS server with their own synchronized copies of the WINS database. All NT servers and all 2000 clients point to a DNS server which is controlled by the state, it is not in our office or under our control. We plan on upgrading our PDC to Win 2000 server. I understand that AD uses DNS rather than WINS. Does this mean I need to setup each BDC as a backup DNS server? I’m unclear on this, thus this post. If someone needs more information please ask.

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      DNS setup on mixed mode domain

      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to DNS setup on mixed mode domain

      The only requirement is that AD must have access to a DNS server that is capable of Dynamic updates (running either Win2K of BIND 8.1 – I think). If the state-controlled DNS server will do this, you don’t NEED to add additional DNS servers.

      If the state-controlled DNS server is not capable of dynamic updates, you will need to create ONE. Every BDC does not HAVE to be configured as a DNS server.

      However, to hedge against line outages, you might want to set the BDCs to use the state-controlled DNS server as an Alternate DNS server.

      Hope this helps

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