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DNS showing same IP with 2 different machines

By tool001 ·
Windows 2003 server, running DNS and DHCP is showing the same ip address for 2 different machines.

These machines have wireless card and LAN cards (so they both have 2 ip address) but 1 ip address shows up as a DNS entry for both machines.

Before i have tried to ping the machine using Device name, but it doesnt resolve to the right IP. any ideas?

i have deleted the DNS entry and after reload its still show up the same.?

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Windows DNS

by deity_chooch In reply to DNS showing same IP with ...

Well, I hope I'm understanding this correctly. I'm hearing that your go to ping a domain name and get directed to the wrong IP address, regardless of what the DNS files are saying.

First, I'd check to see what DNS server is being used from the machine you are pinging from (and if it is a Windows machine, make sure to clear your DNS cache by running `ipconfig /flushdns`). If it is the correct DNS server, and you have cleared the cache on your pinging computer, then I'd say it's an issue with the DNS server. You say, you've deleted the DNS entry and reloaded it, but does that clear the cache that the DNS server has. If I remember correctly, the DNS service I've used on Windows had an option to clear its cache. I would think one of these suggestions will solve your issue.

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problem is more of the DNS server

by tool001 In reply to Windows DNS

they dns server is showing me 2 machines having the same ip.

even i delete entries for both the machines.. they reapear when the comptuers registers the dns name.

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by jasonglenski In reply to problem is more of the DN ...

I am also having the same or similar problem. We generally reuse our host names whenever possible, so if I were to pull a machine out of storage, I just use the same machine name that it had previously after I re-image it. I've been noticing that after I re-image and put it on the network, if I ping the hostname from another machine, the IP address that DNS resolves is not the ACTUAL IP address of the newly imaged box. I have been to have our SysA's manually remove the 2nd IP address that shows up in DNS for that machine and manually enter the real IP address.

Any ideas what to check on the DNS server as I'm certain that's where the problem lies.

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