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DNS stuck??

By mark3960 ·
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I recently changed DNS hosting on 2 of our domains. 1 is fine but the other is still resolving to a park page with eNom. It'sMonday evening and I made the change on Friday afternoon. The kicker is, this only happens from MY HOME. Could my ISP's DNS be incredibly slow to update?? I've tried flushing my cache etc. but no luck.

Any info would be great!


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Check out this helpful site!

by DoubleShocker In reply to DNS stuck??

We changed our DNS over a couple weeks ago - for our mail servers, and it took longer than the expected 24 hours for full global propogation. After three days, some DNS servers (relays?) had still cached our old site.

When you tracrt or ping from a cmd line, does it resolve at home, or are you browsing to the intended domain through IE?

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I used the ancient chinese art of 'I Ping'

by mark3960 In reply to Check out this helpful si ...

I pinged it and got the server IP for eNom, which is what led me to believe my ISP is caching for an eternity :-(

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How'd it go?

by DoubleShocker In reply to I used the ancient chines ...

Did it finally clear up for you?

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by mark3960 In reply to How'd it go?

Did a tracert to find out the first IP I got returned was 64.xx.xx.x.x and should have been The only thing I could think of was my ISP's name servers having the wrong records. I emailed and 8 hours later was fixed. Funny how that would happen though.

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