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DNS subdomain creation

By Carbynel ·
Hi, I've made a subdomain in DNS This points to a PC on our internal network. I need people outside of our network to be able to access this web server, but currently I can only access from within our network. I don't understand what I've done wrong. The website can be accessed externally, so why can't sales? Any ideas? Thanks

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by cmiller5400 In reply to DNS subdomain creation

It could be any number of things that is causing this issue. Is there a firewall that is blocking access to the server? Is the server in a DMZ? Do you need to have an A record created by your ISP on their DNS server to point to the server? Need more information on your current configuration.


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by Carbynel In reply to DNS subdomain creation

Hi. There already is an A record on the DNS server, but the server isn't in a DMZ. Will it only be able to be accessed externally if the server is in a DMZ? Is that my problem?

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by cmiller5400 In reply to DNS subdomain creation

Where is the server sales located? Where is the mycompany server located? If the mycompany server is located in the dmz chances are you will need to locate the sales server there too. As far as the DNS issue, did you add the A record to your DNS server? Use the website to figure out where your DNS is being resloved to. This will tell you where you need to put the A record for the sales server.

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by CG IT In reply to DNS subdomain creation

in addition to CN5400s suggestions How your DNS server are setup determines what you need to do so that there is an authoritative DNS server for the child domain. If you are using an active directory intergrated, you can create a new zone in DNS that encompasses the child domain. Just adding records to DNS are insufficent. DNS must have a Zone that encompansses the child domain.

If your not running Active Directory intergrated, you might consider using a stub zone

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