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DNS taking control

By razor ·
I am currently working at a clients site trying to fix up a botched W2K Server and Terminal Services installation.

One of the problems that has surfaced is an extreme delay in client PC's connecting as Terminal Server Clients. The delay is to the point of regular time outs.

I have isolated the problem to the enabling of DNS on the Windows 95 client PC's. That is if I remove DNS the connection is immediate but with DNS we get the delay.

The most frustrating part is that we are connecting to the W2K Server via its IP address on the same LAN and not via its name so DNS shouldn't come into play.

I have upgraded clients with winsock2 but the problem still exists.

I am going to need DNS to stay on the client PC's as the customerwants to implement ICS.

Thanks in Advance for any assistance.


John Raisborough
Port IT Services

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DNS taking control

by Tony Hogan In reply to DNS taking control

Possible simple solution - create an entry in the local HOSTS file for the Terminal Server. This should allow you to enable DNS and still get immediate resolution [via the HOSTS entry].

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DNS taking control

by razor In reply to DNS taking control

I visited the clients site today and I was going to try a hosts file entry, however before I did that I put the ip address of the W2K machine as the first entry in the DNS list and this worked. The connection is now almost immediate, it seems like some sort of reverse name resolution was happening.

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