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By snkatzen ·
There's an external website that my company uses regularly. It recentlly changed its IP address and now noone is able to get to it. The interesting thing is that our internal DNS server (which of course references an external DNS server via our ISP provider) can get to it. Pinging from the DNS server shows the updated IP address but pinging by name from any internal system still shows the outdated IP. There are no entries in any host file either on our internal systems or the DNS server. How can I get our internal systems reach the updated site without going to every system and manually edit the host file. We flushed the DNS server and that did not work.

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Did you try accessing it wvia the ip only?

by DanLM In reply to DNS update

Short term solution untill you can figure out what the real issue is?


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Stopped/Restarted service

by skatzen In reply to Did you try accessing it ...

I did attempt only using IP address and for whatever reason it didn't work. Only entering the new address and name in the host file worked until I decided to stop and restart the DNS service on the server. That along with releasing and renewing the workstations' ipconfig command was the individual systems able to get to the new website. Go figure. But thank you for your suggestions.

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Another option

by SaulGoode In reply to Stopped/Restarted service

Flush the DNS lookup cache on the server. This probably happened automatically when you restarted the DNS server service and then flush the dns cache on the clients.

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You'll have to flush all clients as well. (nt)

by seanferd In reply to Another option
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by oldbaritone In reply to DNS update

Did someone put the old IP into a HOSTS file somewhere?

I use that trick all the time to work on in-house websites using the local address instead of the web IP.

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