DNS - Zone Transfer From Linux DNS to Windows Domain

By macseanlaoich ·
So, I am tasked with setting up Active Directory, however, the powers that be would like to keep some of the Linux pieces in play, e.g. DNS.
So, essentially, I am setting up a different domain and would like to have the DNS transferred from the primary to my 08 box. The linux admin has set it up so that my Windows box is allowed to query the DNS server and be a "slave" (linux term I guess) DNS box.
Here are my questions:

Does my windows DNS server need to be on the same domain as the linux master?

Would it be smarter/easier for me to drop my AD boxes into the current domain? (Trying to get Samba out of the picture)

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Two trains of thought...

by CG IT In reply to DNS - Zone Transfer From ...

first is the DNS servers that provide AD name resolution services for the domain. The second is DNS servers that are authoritative name servers for FQDN and provide that type of name resoultuion.

The first part is, that Active Directory must have a DNS server to function properly. This DNS server does not have to be an authorativatie name server for the FQDN. In fact MS recommends you don't use the Internet naming connvention for domain names for a private network. Thus domains have a .local or .lan extension for the domain name. You can replicate Active Directory DNS zones via zone transfers to other DNS servers if you allow it. These can then be used as alternate DNS servers should the first in the list be unavailable. Note: for user login, you need the global catalog role on the alternate DNS server as well as replicated sysvol and netlogon shares. In most instances, network admins restrict zone transfers in an AD environment using the Intergrated mode. Here is a MS Technet series of articles on DNS in Active Directory.

just follow the links at the end of the articles.

For authoritative name servers for a FQDN, you again allow zone transfers to other DNS servers, but these DNS servers only provide Internet name to IP resolution for web servers, mail servers or any other publically accessible services. Simply, these DNS servers provide the public IP address associated with a domain name.

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Understand DNS in MS environment

by macseanlaoich In reply to Two trains of thought...

Thanks for the reply, I do understand how DNS works in the MS environment.
I am looking for how to set up the transfer from Linux to 08.
Perhaps I a missing something and forgive me if I am.

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