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    by alabutler ·

    I’m working on a Windows Me system in which I have just replaced a modem. Now I get “Page Cannot be Displayed” error when attempting to log on to any URL. I have gone through most every procedure recommended by Microsoft and still cannot make it work. Have installed IE6 SP1 and removed all remnants of AOL (except Instant Messenger). Checked for presence of Gator, Bonzi’s InternetBoost and other maverick apps. Still not working. Help or I will need Rogaine soon.

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      by mark ·

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      You can try uninstalling all networking entries in control panel, uninstall DUN (Dial-Up Networking) in Add/Remove Programs. Clear the winsock TCP/IP Stack in the registry (remove winsock and winsock2 in HKLM\Services and under VXD). Remove the DNS entries in the registry. Then reinstall all.

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      by chitosunday ·

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      Same problem with mine. delete(Deltree command in dos like deltree windows) the windows and all its subdirectories and setup again my windows.
      However, before you delete your windows save all your driver like display adapter, sound card, etc. in a diskette and installing it again.
      You will know the file by going to control panel,
      system, device manager, clicking the hardware, detail file of driver

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      by pctech ·

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      You do not say if you have done so, if not remove the drivers for the old modem. You may also want to boot to Safe Mode and check your Device Manager to assure that there is not a “ghost” modem left there.

      I hope this helps.

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      by ryder007 ·

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      You amy need to install the winsock2 patch ,which you can get from microsoft. To check for sure bootup, get to a command prompt within windows and at the c:\ prompt ping a url. something like this c:\ping If you get a response then you know for sure it is a winsock2 issue, in which you will need the patch.

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