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Do agencies actually read CV?s

By coretek ·
As an IT consultant I find it agonisingly frustrating when agencies contact me with positions that completely unsuitable, they seem to pick up on the most insignificant item in your CV and send through job definitions pertaining the that!

Here?s a few basic tips for you agents:
? Educate your staff on IT terminologies
? Read the CV BEFORE you contact the candidate
? Match the candidate location to the companies requirements

Then talk salary rates.

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Scanning Vs Reading

by netscot In reply to Do agencies actually read ...

Many agencies just scan for trigger words. Also they often employ young inexperienced people who they try to burn out with an exhaustive schedule. I suppose the attitude here is if you can make it through 3 months of this you must be ok!

I an told that companies scan job sites for prospective manpower but I don't believe it.

Also most companies don't have the IT skills in their HR people to make the right call.

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