Do all VPN routers require VPN clien licenses?

By Cerebral*Origami ·
I have been researching VPN routers and was told by a salesman that I have to buy client licenses.

Is this normal? My users have been VPNing in for 10 years without licenses, just using the network setup that's part of Windows.

I don't understand what I am actually getting for my money.

Or is this a case where they have purposely blocked VPN access to force you to pay to use something that is normally built in?

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Re: VPN licenses

by christianshiflet In reply to Do all VPN routers requir ...

Well, you could still use the Windows VPN access that you are using for authentication and simply modify your router's firewall (port forwarding) to allow traffic to you Windows server. Then you, of course, should be relying on your Windows licenses. Routers that handle the VPN authentication for you or provide VPN client software will require licenses for each user. But you aren't required to buy VPN licenses for a router if you aren't using their VPN authentication or client software.

Let me know if this isn't clear or you have questions. Thanks.

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by Cerebral*Origami In reply to Re: VPN licenses

That's what I needed to know.

The salesman said that unless I bought the licenses the router would block VPN access.

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Out of curiosity...

by christianshiflet In reply to Thanks!

Glad to help. Out of curiosity, what kind of router and where was the salesperson trying to sell it?

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by Cerebral*Origami In reply to Out of curiosity...


SONICWALL TZ 200 SEC APPL(wired): 401.94
SONICWALL TZ 200 WRLS-N (wireless): 479.95


SonicWALL Software and Firmware
Updates extended service agreement
- 3 year: 185.99

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Re: SonicWall

by christianshiflet In reply to SONICWALL TZ 200 SEC APPL

As long as you know how to configure a router you should be fine.

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I'm learning as I go.

by Cerebral*Origami In reply to Re: SonicWall

My last class on routers was in 1995 where a router was a computer with 2 NICs and routing was software controlled.

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Dude look at the cost

by CG IT In reply to SONICWALL TZ 200 SEC APPL

you buy the hardware for $400.00 USD and then tack on the $112.00 USD for the 1 year. Global VPN client 5 user license adds another $169.00 USD for a grand total of:

Most SMB routers have a 5 user connection limit for VPN to the router. So buy a SMB router with VPN from Netgear, Linksys/Cisco, Dlink @ $150.00 USD average...

If you need more VPN connections, use a RRAS box, buy extra CALs.

While Sonicwall has a good product, they getcha with the yearly add on costs.

The Global VPN client is $169.00 per year. The 1 year support is $112.00 so you've got a recurring cost of $281.00 when you could have a zero, nadda, ziltch, recurring cost buying a different brand that doesn't have yearly charges.

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by christianshiflet In reply to Dude look at the cost

That is not entirely accurate. The VPN client licenses for SonicWall are perpetual. The support for updates is annual. So, once you own the licenses for VPN nodes, they are yours forever. Firmware updates, however, will cost you a bit every year.

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The costs.

by Cerebral*Origami In reply to Dude look at the cost

Yeah the annual fee thing was unexpected. When I heard Cisco required a service contact just for firmware updates I was P.O.ed but it looks like that is the norm.

I'll probably end up going with a low end piece of hardware. We currently have 5 people who VPN in randomly from home or on the road and I doubt we've ever had more than 2 on at once.

I was looking at more upper end routers as I had already made the mistake of buying a cheap one only to find out it blocked VPN traffic.

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